We must leverage the power of capitalism to create an economy that serves the American people by protecting American jobs and businesses. Our “America First” trade policies and economic regulations should incentivize investment in our country and our citizens while discouraging offshoring and corporate inversions.

The 5th district has fallen behind in infrastructure. We must invest to ensure the entire district has access to high-speed internet and quality cell service, to be able to participate in and benefit from our changing digital economy. We must also improve our power grid to keep energy costs low, especially in rural regions. 

We must simplify access to quality affordable healthcare and remove many of the needless bureaucracies introduced by ObamaCare. The government should not run healthcare. Government should incentivize market competition to provide affordable and accessible healthcare for all Americans, work to keep premiums and deductibles low, and free the industry from inept government policies.

The government must represent and fight for legal citizens and residents. Legal immigration has been and continues to be a huge asset to our country, bringing in talented people who love American values and want to join our society. We must reform our immigration system to ensure that these talented and hard working individuals longing for a better life have the opportunity to succeed in the American system. Illegal immigration hurts our society and penalizes those immigrants who worked tireless to come to this country legally.

Term Limits
We need term limits. Too many incumbents in Washington DC become entrenched in establishment politics, are beholden to special-interest groups, and are more interested in winning re-election than delivering for their constituents.

Our education system should prepare young Americans to thrive in the workplace. School choice and merit based teacher salary plans are key to ensuring that students excel in the best field for them, whether they are competing at the highest scholastic level or acquiring practical skills that will prepare young men and women to enter the workforce in a profession that suits their interests. We must also equip young Americans with a strong civics education and an understanding of their heritage free of leftist manipulation.

Americans know how to spend their money better than the government does. I will advocate for lower individual and business tax rates to keep more money in North Carolinians’ pockets and to help small businesses.

Family Values/Right to Life
I’m pro-life. I believe that life begins at conception and that we must protect the rights of the unborn. I also believe in traditional marriage. We must fight to protect our core family values that are rooted in biblical principles.

Second Amendment
I’m pro-gun. We all deserve the right to protect ourselves, our families, and our property. The second amendment protects these and all of our other rights from tyranny. I’m a gun owner and an avid hunter and I will fight to defend the second amendment. 

Free Speech
Free speech is a constitutionally protected right, but it is also an important societal value. The culture of free speech is under assault in our country. We must reclaim the right to speak openly and honestly with one other so that we can have productive public discourse.

Big Tech
Big tech companies are silencing conservatives Americans. Politicians in Washington do not understand these issues and have failed to take action to protect our rights. We must hold these tech companies accountable and regulate them as public utilities.

China is the single greatest threat to the United States and global stability. China continues to steal our technology, cheat us in trade, and threaten our key allies in Asia. China willfully concealed crucial information about the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to thousands of deaths in the US. I will advocate for policies that hold the Chinese government accountable.